Data row array data type values can't be imported via invoke workflow

Hello Uipath Community,

I need confirmation that whatever I am facing is an actual bug and not an error on my part.

If it is an error on my part please tell me where.

I look forward to you enlightening me.



  1. Data row array values becomes NULL after being imported inside another workflow. Data row array is required to set a counter variable for a FOR loop.

Variables/argument to take note:

  1. Filtered_WorkListItem → this is the data row array that contains values
  2. in_WorkList → this is the argument to pass the array values in
  3. DT_WorkListItem → the original data table that give rise to the data row array values

Follow the pictures and you can see that I CANNOT import the data row array values in.

I can however import the data table in, aka getting the data row values in indirectly (hence the ‘solution’).

Before Entering Invoked Workflow:

After Entering Invoked Workflow:

Just to throw an idea, are you setting the invoke to “Isolated”?

If that’s the case, please try it without that option checked and let me know.

I’m pretty sure this is not a bug.
however, I’m not sure on your issue. I would suggest making sure you don’t have those Arguments also in the Variables section in your invoked workflow, or the values could be reset.

Tried it. Didn’t work. I am gonna avoid this problem until it crops up again.

Thanks for the help.

Hello @gabby I will suggest you to create arguments for DT_WorkListItem and Filtered_WorkListItem instead of variables… also avoid using select query in workflow’s arguments pane (we used to face this issue when we were on UiPath version 2016.2 Enterprise)…

I could be wrong but give above one try…

Hi. The issue seems to be resolved somehow today.

Steps taken:
I updated all the basic packages to the latest versions, renamed some of the arguments, reinvoked the workflow, and reload the main workflow. Somehow it just work.

In any case, to the UiPath community, thanks for all the help. I have left some pictures below to show the positive progress made, esp for those that helped me.

Till the next bug (human or machine)!