Data read based on column number

it is possible data read on column index ?

because i need that data read dynamic like first i have data in (A:D) column after that data (F:J) next (L:O) column so here how can i read dynamic based on column index

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Is is Possible to share a screenshot of the excel file hiding the valuable information?


please see below screen
here i am using for each loop which as per transaction wise as per transaction list
so first time loop read (2:5) second (7:10) last (12:15)

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Try appending the Three datables as one and perform the iteration as the column names are similar!


yes but i need to make dynamic transaction live may increase in future so we need to make dynamic

so i can use two variable like A as int and B as int
A=2 and B=5
this value for first time second time loop value auto increase it comes A=(2+5) and B=(5+5)
so i have column index i need 2 means B and 5 means E column so we get proper data
itis possible

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Hey! why can’t you try ReadCOLUMN or ReadRow activity.

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Read cell A1 - to check table is present or not
Read range dt->to get row count
ascii value for A is 65. So store it in some variable. “char(65)”-> give output as “A”
we have 4 column in one table ,so add 4+65=69 (D column)
Read Range Dt1-> A1:D(dt.rows.count-1)

For table 2->
again read cell 69+1(blank cloumn)+1(first column of 2nd table)=71(F column)
read cell gives indication that next table is present or not.
if read cell has value ,then for send column read range will be (F1 column: (71+4=75=>I ))

you can continue till read cell value is empty or null .

Logic is little long …but might give you some idea to get more possible short logic

convert.tochar(65) its work

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