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In the article i have read that you are saving our application screen as image and then processing that using neural network to identify the location and type of the elements in the screen then work with it.
But my question is how you are securing our Data?. Because i am working for UK project, GDPR compliance is important. If you are saving our customer details in the form of Image for analysing means it is risk for us. Where you are saving our data. And How long you are saving our data? And How you are protecting our Data? If you guys are added these information in the site it will help us to use it.

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Hi @natarajgud,

All the screenshot will save from ur local file location only. From your project folder .Screenshot hidden folder there only saving all the screenshots.


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Hi @natarajgud

Can you show us the screenshot of your application

Ashwin S

Hi @natarajgud

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For solutions where very sensitive data is present, you might consider an on-premise installation of our machine learning model :slight_smile:

For that, see here:

We use multiple methods to ensure security and GDPR compliance. These are just some of them:

  • data encryption in transit and at rest
  • strict access control to persisted data, 2 factor authenticated
  • strict access control to the cloud subscriptions, 2 factor authenticated
  • access based on renewable, authenticated API keys
  • “data separation”, or technically data source identification
  • limited data retention
  • regular code vulnerability scans, both for activities and backend
  • regular penetration tests
  • automatic vulnerability updates as part of Azure’s Platform as a Service
  • various abuse and DDoS detection and mitigation techniques such as SYN cookies, rate limiting and connection limits
  • 24x7 SRE and Security team
  • secrets, such as encryption keys, are managed, stored, rotated, and transmitted securely through the Azure Management Portal
  • GDPR compliance
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