Data Paste From dataTable Using Clipboard

I paste Data From Data table into one website but it paste into a single shell

Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,
We need more details. How data is pasted to the website? Using Type Into, Send hotkey or other activity? Please describe a little so it will be easier find out.

by sending hotkey ctrl+v

All depends of website structure and how you are keeping data. But from this what you described in first post it seems that you are trying to copy (ctrl + c) whole data table and just pasting it into website. This can’t work properly as clipboard will keep only text. It can keep whole table but only when you are pasting for example data from excel sheet to another. But those are only my thoughts as I don’t see the workflow you have so I can only guess.


Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,

Where do you insert data to that website, whether as individual data from that datatable to a field / cell or as a whole table…

Kindly provide this information which would be very helpful to resolve this issue…


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