Data not getting correctly into CSV when using language other than english!

Hello evryone I tried data scrapping of SEO keywords and website URL from google search ,I am getting correct data to CSV when scrapping english SEO keywords but not when scrapping japanese or other language Keywords!!
can anyone help please??

This is when scrapping english links and keywords highlighted one line in yellow because it was in some other language and its datawas not correct in CSV.

This is when scrapping Japanese SEO keywords and URLs

This preview of data of japanese content before running

Hey @Sandeep

I think above thread is interlinked with this thread.

Thanks& Regards…!!

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Hi @aksh1yadav thanx ,i just posted the same problem multiple time as i was not getting the solution.

Maybe you will try to use any paid program and do it easily. There is a lot of programs which can gather for you URLs for specific keywords, and then for example for free you can use Screaming Frog and get your titles.