Data not copied to csv file after web data scraping action performed

I followed all the steps in the tutorial to automate custom web based search and store data in csv file based on subject line of email. Everything is working fine till the point where the browser gets opened and custom search gets performed , but the data is not getting saved onto the csv file. When I open the file it shows completely blank. But the time modified for the file is the current time when the program is executed and it keeps changing every time the program is modified. Please help

Tutorial url:UiPath Web Automation | Automate Web Data Extraction - UiPath Studio | UiPath Training | Edureka - YouTube

Sounds like no data was scraped.
Add a Write Line activity and put ExtractDataTable.Rows.ToString as Text to see if you get 0. If so, your data scraping was not successful and you need to figure out why.

I am new to uipath , and don’t know much. I started with the tutorial and faced this problem . I have attached a screenshot to the original post. Please see if you understand the issue. Also where will I check if I get 0.I put writeline also

You can check output of Write Line in the Output pane, usually docked by default at lower left corner of Studio.

I tried to execute the steps you mentioned, but the output I am getting is attached in the screenshot.
I cannot understand the output .Please help

In the Output pane, click the little button that shows 3 above the Search box to reveal what the output was. You should see a number on the second line when you do that. Is it 0?

Please check this video where data scrapping result is saved in CSV file and then mail the result to customer,