Data manager: Line items spanning several lines

So I’m trying enter an invoice in the Data Manager. The invoice contains line-items spanning several lines. For each line item, the description is above the quantity and the unit price is below the line amount.

When I try to label data for 1 line item, the Data manager will see them as seperate lines and create them as seperate lines. I’ve tried setting al the column fields to ‘not-split-item’ and also tried setting them all to multi-line.

When I manually adjust by moving the data to 1 line, the changes are not saved correct. The data manager doesn’t allow for removing the unused line or other mutations. I can adjust the exported JSON, but I’m not sure if that’s wise.

What’s the right path to take?

I was having the same issue and discovered the solution, sharing here for anyone else who gets stuck on this point:

If you highlight all of the items which should be considered as belonging to the same line item and click “/”, the extraction will behave as you need it to

Hi, What LDW said is correct. Just click the “/” hotkey and while selecting the whole line.

/ is not working if multi line item is spanning to next page. i.e., half of multi line item in page1 and next half in page2. May I know how to group a row which is in two pages.

will check and get back to you.

Hey Cheran, you need to label them as they are two page documents individually. In DU you cannot highlight line items that span across two pages and one line. So we need to highlight them separately.

When you test the model in studio it should come as one line item in your extraction and extracted correctly.

Please try this and let me know.

Yes. Got to know this. Thanks for your info. Will get back to you as soon as I try this.

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