Data Loss- While writing data in Excel

Hi All,

I am trying to download the report in .xlsx format which originally is in .xls format using Open option displayed on Pop-up.

Pop-up has an option to Open, Save & Save As somehow i cant use Save As because doing so is corrupting the data.

Instead I am opening the excel sheet and trying to save it in .xlsx via User Interaction like Click etc. but lately i observed that due to this not complete data is written in new excel sheet if the file size is large. For e.g. if file has 6000 rows then writes only around 1200-1300 rows then stops and save the file.

How to avoid this data loss ?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Harshad_Jadhav ,

You want to convert file format from .xls to .xlsx, this is it?

Yes from .xls to .xlsx

Hi @Harshad_Jadhav

Does it happen when you do this manually as well?

Try below code and let me know if you face any issue.

ConvertCSVToXls.xaml (5.0 KB)

Give your Source and Destination file path.

No when i do it manually it saves entire file without any data loss

Sure I will give it a try

Hi @Harshad_Jadhav

Did this help us in this issue

We can run the command young START PROCESS activity

—open notepad and mention the command with filepaths you have and save it as .bat file
— then mention the filepath of that .bat in start process activity as Filename