Data is read from excel as '####'

I am trying to read data from an excel file using Read range activity of Excel application scope.
Some data in the excel are read as #### as you can see in the image below.


The actual value of the cells are seen when we enlarge the column

But when I am using read range activity of Workbook, this issue is not there.
Could you please help me know why there is a difference in their outputs.


You are getting the value as #### while reading it? That is a normal thing in excel :slight_smile:. If the cell space is not enough to display the values, it will show the #### if the value is a number with any format. If it is a string, it will show a part of it. And if it is a number without any format and the number is large, it will show exponential.

But when we read the value using read range or read cell, it will give the exact value

No, when I am using Read Range activity of Excel to read the data, it is being read as ‘#####’
And when I am using Read Range activity of Workbook to read the data,the correct value is read

Can you please try reading the value using Read cell and let me know the result @MariaJosephina?

can u provide the excel nd ur workflow?

This seems to be a issue with Excel column width.

If you want to view the Data.Follow the steps in excel to match the Data to column width:

  1. Once your Excel is OPEN .
  2. Send Hotkey (Ctrl + A) // This will select all data
  3. Send Hotkey (Alt + H ) // This will Open the header Menu
  4. Send Hotkey (O ) // This will Open the Format Option
  5. Send Hotkey (I) // This will Autofit to Column width