Data is overwritting in B2 cell when I insert the data in it

I want to write in B2: B13 and the data which is shown in B2:E13,it should be written from C2:F13.
How to do it? and it should not be overwritten.
Thanks in advance

Hello @guptasweb
Just read the range which you need and write it into another sheet in desired Range

Hi @guptasweb ,

First, Read the Range from B2:F13 and write that data to C2:F13, then perform the Write Range of adding new Data to B2:B13.

Let us know if you need further help.

How to add new data to B2:B13?
Thanks in advance

Hi @guptasweb ,
You can write the new data with write range “B2:B13”.

@guptasweb ,

Performing the Shifting is essential, if you do not want the data to be over-written. Hence, Before adding the new data we would have to make sure that you are Moving/Shifting the data to the Next column range.

For writing the new data to the Column Range B2:B13, we would need to have a Datatable with a Single Column, which I assume should be the data you want to add as well. If we do have the Datatable with one column, you could add it using Write Datatable To Excel Activity and Mention the Range as B2:B13.

Maybe in the below similar manner :