Data is not erasing even I'm using EraseEOF option in send control key activity

I’m trying for facebook login. I have used ‘Send Control Key’ activity. In that activity, I have selected ‘EraseEOF’ option to clear the existed data in data fields. But it is showing exception error like ‘Facebook login has thrown an exception’ Infact I have tried with other options like Delete, EraseInput, clear, Reset but I’m getting the same error

Help me how can I erase the already existed data in data fields in UiPath

You don’t want to be using terminal automation in this case. You can use a type into action with the EmptyField property set to true this will clear whatever is there before typing the value you give it.

Send control key, clear end of field, and terminal connection are for automation of older green screen systems.

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Thank you very much it saves me lot of time :grinning: