Data is not being fetched from xml document

Can anyone please help me as i am trying to fetch data from xml document but it is giving null value. For example i need to fetch the value of MCode_2 , AFDate_2, FR_2 which is present under the same parent tag. Although i am able to fetch the value of AFDate_2 but not the other two. I am using Deserialize function of Uipath. I have attached my code as well as document from which i am trying to extract the value.
info path.xaml (21.2 KB)

here is the screen shot of the format:-

Hi Jeny

When I create an XML file according to yours and then run your workflow, then I can fetch all the values. However without knowing the whole XML-structure, then it is hard to know if the logic is correct.
I have attached your workflow with the XML-file I tested on. (3.2 KB)

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Hey Thanks Martin it had worked…the very next day i tried using the same code and it worked…i am not sure that why it didn’t work before. I didn’t even change a single line.
Anyways Thanks a lot for your help!!