Data from text file to Excel, filter, then create a new text file


I’m trying to create a robot that will take a text file, input the data into an Excel template, filter data, then output the filtered data to a new text file.

I know I need to start with building a data table. The data is in a text file, separated by commas. It will need to go into column A and B in the Excel template.

Could someone assist with building this data table and getting the data to Excel?

I tried to upload a sample of my data in the text file, but I’m unable to since I’m a new user.


Hi, actually, if you have a csv file, you start by using a Read CSV activity and this will already output you a Data Table.

I tried using the read CSV activity, which creates the data table correctly, but writing it to the Excel template ends up creating a new worksheet and overwriting everything in the template. Is there a way to write that data table to the existing Excel file without losing the data in Excel? I only need to it copy to columns A and B, starting at A2.

Yes, sure can write back only what you need, check all activities under excel category…