Data from new tab on browser


I am trying to extract datatable from chrome browser. The process is that I’ve to loging and click on “view” in a table to get more information. Till this point everything is working as desire.

On clikcing view, new tab is opened. I need data from this new opened tab. I used hot keys like “ctrl+TAB”, “ctrl+2” to move focus on the new tab. But UiPath makes the original tab as active and hence it is unable to get the data.

I tried Classic UI, “attach browser” activity and also new “Use Application/Browser” activity without any luck. In new, it shows proper tab title.

I also tried other solutions given in the forum but no luck.

hi @csmart

Can you try changing the use application to a new window,
as in Use application to go till the page where you click on view.
Once you click on view, use another “use Application”
Also use Show Window in the second use application.
that should work


Hi @csmart ,

Have you tried the same using the “Activate window” activity?

Ashutosh Gupta

Try to use the “Get Active Window” activity to retrieve the handle of the new tab and then switch focus to it using the “Set Focus” activity. This can help ensure that the correct tab is active before extracting the data. And also check Chrome settings to ensure that new tabs open in the foreground rather than in the background. This can help UiPath recognize the new tab as the active window.

In new version, “Get active window” is not there and I have to use " use applicaiton/browser" activity. The issue with activity is that it opens new browser window with the URL that was there during design/development time. At runtime, it is opening new browser window with the same URL.

@csmart Will you be able to attach more details - code snippets, URL’s configuration and UiPath Log.

I tried “Activate Window” also but it is not working. The selector window is showing below code.

<wnd app='chrome.exe' cls='Chrome_WidgetWin_1' title='Amazon Logistics - InvoicePortalV2 - Google Chrome' />
<ctrl name='Amazon Logistics - InvoicePortalV2 - Google Chrome' role='pane' />
<ctrl name='Amazon Logistics - InvoicePortalV2' role='page tab' />

I tried get Active window also but it is showing the original page.

I tried Activate Window but it is not working. See the screeen shot where I am showing which ab to activate. It is not helping. As soon as it proceeds further, the focus is back on original tab.


@shantanu_chande help me to provide log.

@csmart Can you please paste both of the selectors - for both tabs. Also please confirm if you are using separate Attach Browser activity for both tabs.