Data from multiple photos

Good day

I need to take a certain element from 1000’s of pictures and export it to excel

How do i get it to open 1000’s of photos read the element and download it into 1 excel sheet by adding rows for each element???


All you have to do is:

  1. Build a datatable with the columns with the information that you would like to extract from the Images.
  2. If you have all this pictures in a directory, then using the method Directory.GetFiles to have in an array of string all the names of this pictures.
  3. Iterate to this array and open each image ( with a specific tool that you want use) , where the input is the imageName(or path).
    3.1. Use the container Attach application, to attach to this image and to Screen Scraping what do you want to get from there and save in different variabbles.
    3.2 Use AddDataRow Activity to add all this variables in your build DT.
  4. Use the activity Write Range to read all the information from your DT in an ExcelFile.


Thank you. Will try that

Just to make sure. I need to open each photo or just the directory where they are?

And only do the scraping on one photo?

Each foto. This is the reason for why you iterate. All this photo has the same template?

All the photo’s will be the same template yes but i am talking about 1000’s of photo’s per day.

The only that will be different will be the the scraping area. I am talking about licence registration numbers plates on vehicles

If the template is the same then you will have the same data scraping… because this information will be all the time in the same location.



Thanks for your help. Will try as soon as i have the data