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I have a simple task to complete but I have some problems with it.

I am calling API ( to receive data (JSON) regarding public holidays. I deserialize JSON (Json.Linq.JArray) normally but later on in For Each I have some issues getting data only from the “date”. I would like to loop through all the “date” entries. How can i accomplish that? :slight_smile:

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Have a Look on the deserialize JArray activity

Give a try in setting the for each typeargument to JObject and Loop over the different Array items.

Access the Date With Item(“date”).value(of String) to get Back the Date as String. Or use value(of DateTime) for retrieving it as a DateTime

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Hi @iZan

Please find the attached xaml file, i developed a workflow as per your requirement
Json(Autosaved).xaml (9.3 KB)

Hope its solves yours issue


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Perfect! @ppr and @Robinnavinraj_S, both solutions are working! Thank you for your time.

Bottom line

Solution file
GetPublicHolidays.xaml (9.9 KB)

Perfect. May we ask you for Marking the solving Post solution. So Others can benefit from IT. Thanks

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