Data from Create Form will not be overwritten inside FlowChart

Hi all,

I have created a flowchart where there is a point when “Create Form” will generate a datetime picker for user to select before proceed. The Datetime is successfully generated in JSONString which i managed to deseralized and get the value. But when i loop again to the form to get user to select datetime again, the “Do” block gets ignore and the FormFieldsOutputData is null on the 2nd run.

Is this consider as a bug? Or is there a setting to tackle this? It is also noted that the “Do” block is performed only on the first run. 2nd run totally disregard “Do” block.

Hi @garrysim – are you able to share the .xaml file?

TestCreateFormWF.xaml (16.3 KB)
Here you go. A simplify version. but this is worst. before the create form is load, it went to the next stage of user interaction.

Anyway, solution will be to put the “Create Form” in another workflow to be invoke. But just curious if it cannot exist without invoke?

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