Data Formating with new line & Horizontal Lines

Hi Everyone,

I am getting data from SQL Query And i wanted to show it in the Message box with proper arrangement and formatting.
Screenshot 1. Message box data as I

2 want
Screenshot 2. Data in Message box From SQL Query

Hi @ShekharRPA
Why dont you put all the values in different variables and then restructure the variable and format the message according to your requirements.

Hi Sumeet

The data can variate from 2 rows to 5 or Many. & Also how can I put data on a variable. Please send some example.

It will be lengthy but one time process and and I am sharing you an example. (Get data from a table - dynamic data)
Here you can see and understand how they are getting values from different column in a datatable.
All we have to put conditions and get the values and once you get those values you can customise the message. Try and let me know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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