Data Format Issues in CSV to Excel Conversion

Hi All,
I am working on a requirement in which one csv file needs to be converted to excel.
After conversion, the data format is giving issues in excel like :



Can anyone help how to resolve this.
PFA: (17.2 KB)

They are only warnings, which you can ignore.

If you still want to fix them, there are multiple ways

  1. use string functon’s like substring, replace etc…


str = “10-08-18”
str = str.substring(0,6) + “20” + str.substring(6,2)

str = “'123” //second problem
str = str.replace ("’", “”) //replace ’ by space

  1. format the column

  2. Open CSV and save as excel

  1. As input and output column headers are same there is no need for build datatable.
  2. start date and end date are in date format in csv file. So you need to convert to your specific date format. Find the attached flow for your reference. (17.3 KB)

Thanks @kirti.iyer,
For Date Format its working but for Other columns conversion from string to int or string to double is still having issue.

I tried these as well

row.Item(“Item”) = Convert.TOInt32(row.Item(“Item”))

row.Item(“Item”) = CInt(row.Item(“Item”))