Data filter not working (only header)

The Etablissement list should contain all the Etablissement numbers that you want to keep.

You need to use a do while with a add to collection inside it.

can you show me plz
did a need to put all my process inside a do while ?

Yes sure:


Add to Collection properties:
etablissementNumbers variable panel:

its more complicated than that, the list contain also letter without a specific logic

You can add all the etablissement numbers that you want to keep to this list.

Use the same values that you used in the filter data table activity that you previously used.

ok but why i<200 ?

I thought from this that you want 1 to 200. If not, you can write the list as you wish :slight_smile:

You can use this syntax in the default value:

New List(Of String)(New String() {"1", "2", "3", "4"...})

ok just to be clear, i need to put in “i” the number of my list ?
Also il need to put my process into do while or its not necessary ?

or i can put do while after my read range

or can you send me a full process to undersand what you are trying to show me because i don’t really understand :smiley:

Yes, I will send a workflow, but can you please tell me which Etablissement numbers you want to keep?

On peut continuer en français si c’est plus facile pour toi.


Look you just need at filter data table activity check for etablissement is equal to 1…2…3…4. But as I see your input data doesn’t match with these values, hat’s why you are getting empty DataTable as output. I have this problem before, it was crazy days at autoxloo. And as I know when you used Excel Application Scope activity inside of another Excel Application Scope activity you need save second after closing of first Excel Application Scope activity.