Data Extraction - Removing specific rows from datatable


scenario : I am trying to upload a set of files (say 100) in a web portal which gives me back the status of each file (like… uploaded successfully or upload failed). I need to extract the file names based on the status from that portal.

Basically once you upload all the files, it gives back the table format of the file name, date created, status,uploaded by… etc… and main thing is, i am getting the status for almost 4 pages…

Question : When i do the data scraping and storing the results in the data table, the page number “1…2…3…4” is also stored as a row in the data table. so inturn when i iterate - the page number is considered s a file name and it quits. How to remove that last 2 rows in the data table before i go for iteration? or is there any best approach?