Data Extraction (Quotes)


I was following the steps of this exercice : UiPath Academy

The main goal is to extract all the quotes, along with their corresponding authors and details about the authors and save it into an Excel File.

At the end of the automation, all of the quotes of the first page was saved into the Excel File (First sheet). But it was supposed to extract all the quotes in all the pages not only the first one, any ideas why it only saved the quotes in the first page ?

NB : I have specified while extracting data that I want to extract all the quotes.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi @Nissrine_RIDA

Your solution is perfectly fine only & you might require following tweaks in your workflow.

  1. Extract the structured data

  2. Make sure to make value to zero if you want to extract all the data

  3. Click if this prompt exist and navigate to next button or arrow whatever visible in order to navigate to next page.

I believe this will work

It still didn’t work.

It worked for another practice though, I don’t know why it didn’t work for the other practice.

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