Data extraction process of the central bank according to the date and currency type received with the mail body

I was faced with a situation that needed to be done…
I need to get information from the central bank site according to the date and currency type (eur, usd…) that comes with the mail body, all desired currencies, date and currency. please help me pleas

I give an example in the post body
Currency type= Usd…
Whatever date is requested, it is necessary to go to the central bank, click on the desired date, get the desired currency type and write it on the screen.

Hi @ertan_ay1

Are you facing any issue while selecting date?

@Lak_Ui The date can constantly change according to the needs of the person. For this reason, it is necessary to make a dynamic system. I would like to upload my workflow here if you are available sir

Are you passing dates in the selector?


yes date and currency type

The site seems rather complicated to pull data to me. The person may ask for (2015, 2016,2020) or (USD,Eur,Pound) differently and I have to give him whatever he wants. Date and Currency type are constantly changing.


you have to select the year,month and date right? and where are you selecting the currency. Can you show the selector for year ,month and date and see if it has aaname attribute .
split the date received from mail using “/”
datearray(1)=month and datearray(2)=year
pass these values in the selector

Hi @ertan_ay1 ,

kindly share your workflow if it is passable.


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@RajKumarDuraiFAS (7.1 KB)

I will be very happy if you help…
I don’t have a completed workflow yet

When I select the date and click the button, all currency types appear and then I have to take the desired currency type from there and display it on the screen.

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Hi @ertan_ay1 ,

can you plz share sample output for my understand.


share the selectors for clicking year, month and date

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@RajKumarDuraiFAS no sample workflow :frowning:
If you want me to explain the workflow again
1)An e-mail will come Mail Body = Date=ddMMyyyy (i am giving an example)
= CurrencyType = USD or EUR or Pound vs.vs

2)The robot will read the mail
Whichever date and currency type is desired, it will go to the site and take it from there and write it on the screen.

Hi @ertan_ay1 ,

you want below mentioned value is output right.

Döviz Kodu Birim Döviz Cinsi Döviz Alış Döviz Satış Efektif Alış Efektif Satış
Currency Code Unit Currency Forex Buying Forex Selling Banknote Buying Banknote Selling
USD/TRY 1 ABD DOLARI 17.2343 17.2653 17.2222 17.2912

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"Banknote Selling " need


this is how to navigate the site sir.
When you enter the last part, it takes the desired part according to the date and currency received by mail."Banknote Selling " need


@RajKumarDuraiFAS If you don’t want to do it can you let me know?

@RajKumarDuraiFAS ?

@RajKumarDuraiFAS If you won’t, please tell me, my time is very short.