Data extraction problems

Hello, I encountered a lot of problems with this practice. I solved most of them by reading this forum.
Extraction data from Chrome did not work (even if I tried to modify parameters etc.), with this error: This control does not support data extraction! I moved to IE.

What I would really want to know is : after configuring a Data Extraction activity, how can I get back in it and edit something? initially, I configured it to extract data just from the first page and now I would like to expand it to all pages by indicating “Next” (the last step of the wizard).
@Bianca.Dragu, can you please help?


Unfortunately, from my understanding is that, UiPath hid some of the parameters for the activity like the target selector for example and the Next link. This is not hidden in the Studio profile (instead of the StudioX profile), by the way.

If you want to manually edit the data being extracted you can edit the Metadata, but this might be more advanced and only does the data, not the Next link:

I think it’s best to just run through the Data Extraction wizard again.

I’m sure some of these things missing will be added/improved in the future.