Data Extraction Not Working on ACME Website

I already use this tool in the exercises and it is the first time that the images do not appear. Does anyone know what the error is? I’m new to UiPath and trying to complete the Calculate Client Security Hash task.

Those images are just references, they are not really needed, but you may have deleted the images or something like that… There should be a folder inside your project like this .screenshots.

if they dont appear it has to be because they were lost…

Got it but you know why the images do not appear? Or is it just a bug? I can’t extract data from table

If the file is being transferred from one machine to another, then the images will automatically vanish or if the file moves within also, sometimes they disappear @Brenosants. That’s not at all a problem. Just need selectors for every activity to perform its task, However, if the images disappear, you will have selectors for respective activities. please check

I get it but I can’t extract the data either. I looked at the selector and everything is ok.