Data extraction is not showing price and date


I need help … when i use data extraction on that table … its nowt showing me the price and date in result…
can someone tell how can i read that… Data extraction reading all table data but not price and date.
OutPut is like this…
Type,Price A, Date,Comment,Primary
Book 1,True Price: Date: Comment:
Book 2,True Price: Date: Comment:
Geo Box,True Price: Date: Comment:

with no price and date… I have checked Price and Date field is text.

Hi @Latif,

Can you please define the steps you are taking to achieve this? Which activity you are using to extract data etc.

Is it like these details not even coming in datatable extracted, or otherwise?


Dear exactly the price and date is not coming into table
Im using scraping → data scraping and then when it start its ask me to click on 1st element value… then i click on book 1 and it gives me an answer to fetch data from whole table and I said yes to that.
Then it asked to click on different pages and i said No bec table didt had any pages.
Thats the total step i do to get the table from that data.

I did output of data table and it shows only column Type data and rest is empty…
I did same steps on other tables which is same place on same application and it shows every thing…

Hi @Latif ,

Can you please share the metadata from “ExtractMetaData” Property ?

<extract-table get_columns_name='1' get_empty_columns='1' />

this is the metadata…
The table have no next pages.


I use the same table on other tables by just changing the selector parentid… and it workes… means it shows the right data but on specifik that table is not working… do not know why

can someone help on that…
I have found the issue… that when my table is on edit mode in application and I do a data extraction then its not showing price…
but if the table in read mode then data extraction is working.

Hi @Latif,

Then in that case, may be you can put element exists to identify whether table is currently on read mode or write mode.

When table is found on read mode, you extract data and until then, you wait for it to turn to read mode by using retry scope with element exists.


Problem is not reading the table… and data…
In eidt mide Problem is that when I use data extract… the Amount field and date field is empty…
Thats the issue…
And when the same table in readonly mode then i can read all data means i can read Amount and date too

Hi @Latif,

Yes, that’s why I am suggesting to include a condition in your workflow to identify the mode.

If it is read mode only then read the data as that time you are gonna get all details.


Dear that part I already did but when im in Edit more then I have to go and collect data from 3rd party application and I can only do that in Edit mode.
In read more I have read 3 rows with price and date… and when i go in edit mode then I click on a button to collect data from another application and let say it gives me 4 rows… back.

So now I have 7 rows in edit mode… 3 from before edit mode and after edit 4 rows…
Don’t I need to do a scan again to get the all data again??