Data Extraction from Website

Hi Team,

I am using get text activity to get data from web portal. Here I am not able to get single row out of 5 lines text. Using Get test , I am getting data which is unstructured and out of that data I have extract many fields. How I can do that. PFA for more (12.9 KB)

From the output of Get text, use Regex to get the dates


How do u make a difference between dates? I have to store them in 2 different tables and compare

How to capture dates from website. Attached is the image of same. which activity I should use?


Is Get Text, not giving the correct output

no, it is not

Hi @Shirish ,
Here is the xaml file which completely extract data and every information.
Now based on string manipulation methods take what ever you need.
opened your image in web browser…
I have been used microsoft ocr…hope it works (10.7 KB)

If get text is returning a blank value try using get attribute(use attribute which has got the date value eg:name) and use the output of get attribute for further processing.