Data extraction from raw text

hi all, am having raw text as attached below I want to extract all the the address, type, location no, building no. need help on this.(note : am trying with regex I couldn’t separate it and take the output)

Name And Address Interest Type Location Building - > header
654 ROAD
TEXAES, MA 01312(1st address ends) LOSS PAYEE(type) 001(loc no) 01(building no)
PO BOX 234567-DAC-21
TEXAES, NC 25711(2nd address) LENDER LOSS PAYEE(type) 001(loc no) 01(building no)

Thanks in advance:)

Please share the sample output what you want from the text so regex can be provided

what have be tried is ([A-z]{2} \d+ & \W\w{2}\s+\d{5}) to get postal code & pincode of the state. by this index value I thought to get address what ever there in the text but i dont know to loop this out.