Data extraction from dynamic pages


I want to get a store address for each state of the USA from this website Walgreens Stores by State | Walgreens, to an excel sheet. I am able to get data of one city but the loop is not working for each state and city.

After clicking the state a new page opens up of the city and after clicking the city a new page opens up and addresses are mentioned in a structured form.

I have just started using Uipath for last couple of days and after much trail and error I am not getting desired results.

I shall be grateful for the help,


In my opinion a straight forward way would be to have a datatable with two columns, 1st columnn is US state 2 letter code (strState) and 2nd column is city (strCity), then do a for loop of this datatable and use open browser activity with URL pointing to “Find a Store | Walgreens” & strState & “&city=” & strCity & “&from=localSearch”

This is because the direct link for example to Alabaster, AL is

Then get the data on that page as you have done already.
Hope this helps :smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: avejr748