Data Extraction from DB directly

Hi All,

Needed one help here. In my flow which is for a financial institution, I am extracting the data from the Database. Being a financial institution there is a restriction to copy the data from DB to Excel as they fear of manipulation. Is there a way if we can extract the data from the DB directly and use it in the front end?
If yes, then how. If we can extract data one by one like we can do it in excel would be even more helpful.

Thanks in Advance
Anshul Agarwal

Hi @anshulagarwal, you could use Database activities to connect to your DB directly.

Cheers. Hope it helps

To connect is fine. I am able to do that. But what I want to know is if I can extract the data from the DB cell wise how we can do in excel?


Just like how you use ReadRange, you can use ExecuteQuery and get the results in a DataTable

And how do we read from data table? Actually I have use those values in front end

To read data from Data Table, you could use for each row activity to loop through each rows.
To get the data from row, item("{columnName}").toString or item(“indexNumber”}.toString