Data extract with no Next button


Noob question, I need to scrape data from a website, where I have to enter an index number (then click search) before the result shown up
How to do it?
Website in question:

Hello @sogeyoj262

There is a button at the bottom, is it a search button??? If no, then after enteringbthe index value using TypeInto you can do a keypress.(in the typeinto activity, click on the + button and select enter key. Then process with enter the index and trigger a keyboard event {Enter}.

Then you can use Datascrapoing or Table extraction to fetch the details.

you use datascrapping with while loop and use merge datatable to fetch as a single table

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Hi @sogeyoj262,

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Could you also share what should be written in this field to see the results?



This is exactly what I did, took me awhile to figure it out thanks though!

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