Data entry scenario

Hi guys I got the following scenario,
My company owns self made learning management system. These system includes all the necessary material for students to take a course. Study material, tests, exams,.messaging and so on.

The exam and tests section get their data via manually copy pasting external PDF files Which basically contain Multiple choice questions that are pasted into the LMS system.

Basically the system accepts data entry either with an excel formatted file or manually by copy pasting each question one by one.

I do use a PDF converter because some PDF files are scannned and I need to do OCR on them in order to be able to copy paste.

Depending on the local Administration that generates the PDF file with the list of mcq’s the format changes a little bit, but basically is about a list with multiple choice questions , sometimes they may contain images , special characters and so on.

Now i have tried uipath but I am not an expert, and my goal, even if the robot does not copy the questions exactly how a human would do is to at least make it do the hard work of transferring the questions from the PDF to the LMS system and let me be the one that just reviews and makes the appropriate corrections right before publishing the new test.

Now , my questions are:

  1. Is there anyone here that provides professional services regarding this matter. (assuming that the project is doable)
  2. What would be your advice to try and test a solution that could be implemented for such a scenario?

Thanks for the advice.