Data entry from an excel sheet to a website

Hello All,

I am trying to feed in the employee details like First Name, Last Name and email Id from an excel sheet to a website. I have used for each row activity. While it is entering the data for the first entry, it is not working for the next entries. Any suggestions or ideas would be really helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Pooja_Shiv

Could you please share the screenshots of your workflow if possible?

Hi, here I have attached the screenshots of my workflow.
For loop error 1

So when I am trying to run the loop, it is feeding the data from the first row. But it is not doing the same for the second entry.


Can you share the xaml if possible.

Main.xaml (23.8 KB)

I have shared the file here. Hope you can help me with the work flow

Thank you so much

Hello @Pooja_Shiv

Does that mean loop is happening and it keeps on overwriting the first row data to the website?
Is that the issue that you are facing?

No, it is taking only the first entry. It is not taking the second one and the subsequent ones. It is throwing an error