Data-Driven Testing: Provide "Show Test Data" Capability

Hello @ThomasStocker,

there’s no easy way to find the test data source of a data-driven test case. The task “Update Test Data” only allows the user to rule out test data sources that aren’t attached to the data-driven test case. Not being able to find the test data source becomes problematic in test projects that contain multiple test data sources.

Therefore, it would be great if Studio would provide the option “Show Test Data” next to the tasks “Update Test Data” and “Remove Test Data” of a data-driven test case.

Cheers, Emerald.


thx for the feedback.

Static test data is now shown as concrete data instances within Test Explorer.
For dynamic test data this is more complex as we do not know what the data looks like during runtime.

We understand the request and will have a look at this matter in order to come up with a solution that provides more visibility into test data.