Data Driven Testing Capability

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I am trying to use the new capability of data driven testing while doing automation on the UI but I am not getting like how to use the excel file exactly in studio so that I can get rid of hard coded values and store my data in excel file. I already read the article in the community release but still don’t have an idea. Ia m using studio in community version.

Please help.

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Hi There,
Did you get any solution for your query? I facing exact same issue here.

Hi @tusharUdeep
When adding test data to your Test Case, you are prompted to specify an Excel file. What happens is the Column Names in your Excel become Arguments to your automation.

What you’d need to do is replace all hard-coded values in your automation with the Argument Names to make execution of your automation data-driven.

Thanks Brother. I guess it will solve my issue.

Below tutorial on data driven testing in Uipath Rpa