Data Collection: Selector Issues

What data need to collect when a selector issue is discovered?


Make sure no active Screen Sharing, Screen Real-estate or other applications that interfere by adding an overlapping container are active. For example: Deskpins, Aquasnap, Adblocker Plus, etc.

Data Collection Steps

Provide the information below:
  1. Application Name and Build
  2. Provide a sample page of the application or a test account if possible. If not detail the technologies used in the selectors if these are known (Java, HTML etc.).
  3. Selector screenshot expanded and highlighted in UI Explorer
  4. Provide the Process Explorer export of the UI Explorer process - see article number 000002206
  5. Provide the DebugViewer log when replicating the issue - see article number 000002237

Attempt the same thing with different Frameworks (MSAA, UIAutomation). If none improves just provide one screenshot.

Tips and Tricks for failing selectors

Intermittent selector not found tips and tricks for troubleshooting for cases when the failure is in Re-framework workflow within a transactional section.


  1. Use link1 or  link2
  2. Add a "Take Screenshot" activity before the failing selector operation
  3. Add a Try Catch to catch the selector not found exception (see) and then use DebugView and UiExplorer