Data Capture on 2nd layer of website

Hello People,

Currently we would like to use the data scrapping to capture the data of email address, in general speaking, when we open the recruitment page of the website, the email address of candidate is not displayed on the 1st layer of the website, we need to click on the candidate profile then we can see the email address, any method that we can capture this email address data via Studio? kindly need your advice. Thanks.



Welcome to the uipath community.

You can use Get Text activity to read Email address from that web page.


  1. Make the bot to click on the all candidates profile (considering that this click will not take you to a new page).

  2. Then screen scrap to get all emails.

Hope this way out work.


but there is a problem

  1. 1st layer - candidate list overview
  2. 2nd layer - candidate profile in details

on the 2nd layer, there is no interface between candidate profile, and need to click back button and go back to the overview , in this case, can the Get Text activity still work and capture data?