Dashboard from Insight

Hello Everyone,
I try to shared a Dashboard by Insights, and I’ve this msgbox. Some can Help Me?!

OBS.: All user that will recede this dashboard are including on tenant/folder

hey @jarbas-bm, the only scenario I can think of for why you’d see this issue is if you created a custom data source to report from. Did you add something to the cube outside of the standard Insights tables?

Hi, @Michelle_Yurovsky, thanks to answer m. Yes, I did. image. There are something that I can do to share this?

Hi @jarbas-bm unfortunately I cannot help if you’ve modified the Insights cubes as that is not supported. Can you please confirm again that you have in fact modified the cube? If so, before anyone can help you, you’ll need return the product to the state we do support.

Are you trying to share a dashboard with a user who has not accessed Insights before? When you tried to share the dashboard with them did it say something similar to this?



Hi Michelle, about the cube, I didn’t not change. image, I changed the title of dashboard

Hi Christopher, thanks for your contact. Yes, I try to share a dashboard with a person that not use Insights before. The box appear and I clicked in this button, but the the person don’t received any e-mail. I thought that Insights has a problem to send email, but receive (I’m owner and admin ). I registered all addressees in Orchestrator(21.4), I created new roles, change others, assign one-by-one to the addressees, but still doesn’t work.

Those users will need to access Insights at least once for the email to be able to go to them (technical limitation). Once they’ve clicked into it, you should be good to go