'Daily user sending quota exceeded' SMTP send mail

Hi everyone,

I am automation an email shooting process. While testing I am facing one problem with sending SMTP email. The robot is using one email account to send at most 120 emails. When it’s 120 then robot uses another account to send next 120 emails. So I am using one Gmail account to send 120 emails. But after sending total 934 emails the robot started to give error “5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. x124sm2492099wmx.16-gsmtp”

I need to be able to send at least 5000 emails per day. Can anyone help?

@Sabreen I guess the limit of Sending mails per day using one account is limited. Take a Look at this post.

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@supermanPunch I checked that. I am using one gmail account to send only 120 emails. Then bot logs into new gmail account. So I am not exceeding the gmail limit

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