CV Type Into From Excel CurrentRow

Hi there!

I’m relatively new to UiPath but not largely unfamiliar with RPA’s themselves. I’ve been running into this challenge. I have an Excel file that will grab from the CurrentRow, go to a browser in the same sequence, and input that row into the text box. The issue with this is that CV Type Into doesn’t register anything on the clipboard. I tried to write a string for it but I’ve been only getting errors in return. I’ve tried CV, User Events, App/Web Recorder and even just a simple Get From Clipboard. Hoping that someone wiser and maybe has had a similar problem in the past, will assist!

Hi @Annatb,

I suppose that “I have an Excel file that will grab from the CurrentRow” means you are using a Read Range activity that will generate a DataTable, let’s say DT1.

Now, you have to use a For Each Row activity on DT1.

Then, in order to “input that row into the text box”, you have to use a Type Into activity where within the Text value should be something like row.item(99).ToString
*99 being the column index from your excel. Please pay attention that first excel column has index 0, second excel column has index 1, and so on …

I’m afraid you cannot just input an Excel CurrentRow. You should type a single value from your excel/DT in your destination field at a time.

Hope this helps.
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