CV Screen Scope wait for window to open

I’m opening an RDP app and using CV Screen Scope to complete activities. My issue is the RDP app can take longer than expected times to open. This is giving me errors and stopping the entire process. What is the “best practices” way to have the process wait until the window for the CV Scope is actually open?

Hi @Breeze ,
You can use CV Element Exists and increase the timeout.


you can use the cv element exist, also the image or text exist activities, you can put in a loop and verifiy whether the image exist, or if its need more delay


Thank you. I didn’t see the timeout before. Just changing that seemed to fix it. My issue was on the CV Screen Scope activity. That would error because the app would not be loaded within 30 seconds consistently. The CV Element Exists activity wouldn’t do anything since it would need to be inside of the CV Screen Scope. I was looking for an activity outside of the CV Screen Scope activity.

@Breeze Since it is a RDP automation, the UiPath normal activities might not work until you install .msi in the RDP server . Besides this, you can try with image based automation . Please refer to below link for more info

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