CV Licences

I am trying to use a Computer Vision. I wonder where I need put the licence key. If I understand correctly I take API key from the orchestrator, and what then?

I install this, and I think is working now, but I need to activate this?

Please help me if anyone uses this?


you need to have API key

which you’ll get it from here!
cheers @JOHOHO

I have API key, but where I need paste key?

in CV Screen Scope

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let me know if it’s working for you! @JOHOHO

Okej, I do that, but what now?

what are scrapping from Microsoft ocr?
MicroSoft OCR failed to recognize data!

I try to get some application, and its also like this?
do you think it will working?

check Ocr properties you need to change few properties!

Where I change that? When I go on the chack selector it looks fine.
What do you think, did I need to change anything?

Click on Microsoft ocr and show me the property panel

language = “En”

for Profile - Choose a preprocessing profile for the specified image or UI element to achieve a better OCR read. The following options are available: None - does not apply a preprocessing profile; Screen - preprocessing suitable for remote desktop applications; Scan - preprocessing suitable for scanned files; Legacy - uses the engine’s default settings for preprocessing images, this is the default option.

scale = 1

Text = Create a variable of type String

and use message box to print the output

@JOHOHO cheers

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I do that, but it’s some. I don’t understand why.

Did I maybe need to put something here in the URL?

okay wait i’ll send you a sample

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ReadPDF.xaml (7.5 KB)
Cheers @JOHOHO

It’s the some. I don’t know … :frowning:

take informative screenshot??

Yes, I am trying with a different app and the message box is empty.