CV Get text

Hello all, here I used cv screen scope activity… here target and anchor getting selected as true… i put output variable in message box. My mesage box is come empty… please tell why it is so?
give suggestion please…


Could you please share your work flow or screenshot where you are trying to get the data from screen by using CV Get text activity. thanks.

Make sure there are no duplicate variable names
In studio → design tab → click on remove unused → and select Variables
So that duplicate varivale will get deleted

And now If you output variable is named as stroutput then mention like this in message box

If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(stroutput.ToString.Trim), “No Value fetched”, stroutput.ToString).ToString

This will validate if the value is empty or not
If empty it will give as No Value fetched or it will show the value fetched

Cheers @dhanashree22