CV Get text Target area is changing automatically

Hi guys,

I’m trying to extract a paragraph from the set of images. In first extracting the paragraph from an image by giving target type as “AREA” by drawing a rectangle.for first image its working and looping other images it was scrapping some other areas which is very smaller than given.
And when I’m closing the workflow and while opens again, for the 1st image also it was not scrapping correctly.

Area given : -920,-95,443,222
Area it was scrapping for other images : 981,-2,1274,172

Kindly help me to solve this.

Hi @Sriram07,

If all your images have the same dimensions, then it will work for all. But it may vary in all the cases. So, it is scraping someother areas in the second image. As you have recorded the right area in first image, it is giving correct output from the first image.

Instead all these, try reading the image using OCR and get the entire data on the screen and use string manipulating activities to get the required data.

It has nothing to do with image size, it should work regardless.

Could you help us reproduce this pls? For example, post a screenshot of the target & anchor selected. And of the interfaces where it doesn’t scrape the correctly

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