CV Extract Table does not extract data as needed, data is not consistent and returning false data when using Output Data Table

Hello , I am using UiPath Studio to Automate a Cerner Application using Remote Desktop Connection. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Below is the screenshot of the Data Table I want to extract. In this Screenshot, on the left hand side, there is a name textbox, which is the value I want to extract from the data table which is appearing on the right hand side. Ether I can Click the name on the table or using keyboard, I can move to the name and then select it (i.e. the highlight will be on the matching name row)

Basic use case is that, I have to click the particular name which I have searched (For ex- SIMON, JAMES, in this case, can be seen on the left-hand side of the CV Screen Scope ,which will be stored in a variable).
I have tried to Extract Table to String and the result is not usable, hence, I am unable to get the similar name from the table.

Steps I have tried to achieve this:

  1. CV Screen Scope to get the CV activities available for that screen
  2. CV Extract Table to get the Table
  3. Output Data Table to convert the Data Table to String
  4. Using For Each Row in Data Table to get Row Item and then Check for the name, if it is similar to the “Name” Variable

But the results are not refined or consistent, hence giving incorrect data, so I am unable to proceed further.

Refer to the image for better understanding of the use case.
This use case is being done on Remote Desktop using Citrix Automation. If there is any another way to achieve the solution, It would be helpful

Hi @YashBiswakarma ,
I have some steps through which you can try once,

  1. Use the “CV Extract Table” activity to extract the table from the CV Screen Scope. Make sure to indicate the table using the appropriate selector.
  2. Use the “Output Data Table” activity to convert the table into a DataTable variable.
  3. Use a “For Each Row” loop to iterate through each row in the DataTable variable.
  4. Inside the loop, use an “If” condition to check if the name in the current row matches the “Name” variable. You can use a string comparison method like “String.Equals” or “String.Contains” to check if the names match.
  5. If the name matches, you can extract the desired data from the current row using the appropriate column index or column name.

Hope this helps, if you find it helpful please mark this as a solution :writing_hand:



Did you try installing the citrix runtime and use normal activities instead of cv?


Using Runtime can we use normal activities on local? or we have to use Remote desktop?


If we are using remote desktop then on remote desktop we will install the runtime to use the normal activities and on your local as ypu would have studio installed you can already use the normal activities

Hope this helps


But the applicaton i am trying to automate does not work with normal activities on local

Tried using other activities too, but these two dialog box pops up , but working fine with CV activies

But with CV activies , i am facing a problem is that, when the dynamic of the screen changes, like for say, for two different records, the screen data also gets changed, it works for selected screen scope, but doesnot find the element for dynamically different screen scope.
Is there any option in CV Screen Scope that we can automate for dynamically changing screen in the same application, all the elements remain same but values changes for different records?


According to the error the application you are trying is on a runtime only and runtime is not configured on it

Where is the application hosted?

I believe you are connecting to the application using a remote machine only …or can you provide more details please

Try installing the runtime as well if you are not connecting to remote at all


The application is first downloaded from the server as .ica file and then opened using Citrix Workspace .
The application can be opened on any system be it on local, remote machine, or windows server.
I am working with the application on local only, and remote runtime is already installed on my machine as well.
With CV activities , the application is being automated without any issue.
Issue arises when the details inside the applicatio changes for a different record.

Refer to the image above,
Lets say this is a record for patient named SIMON, JAMES. I have configured the automation activities using this particular screen using CV Screen Scope, fecthing out the details using CV Get Text,such as names, gender date_of_birth etc. Now for different Patient Named, ZHANG, SHUYU, I cannot fetch the details , it throws error cannot find the element.
But the position of the element for both cases remains same, just the details gets changed. So I want an guide on how to extract details for different patients using a single automation script.


As per this we can see that even if you open from local…you still need to connect to citrix workspace or the application automatically open citrix workspace …and to spy the elements of the workspace you need to have the remove runtime installed on that cotrix workspace…not on your local

Now coming to the second part…did you try changing the cv descriptor? cannot use wild cards but you can use variables in cv descriptor…try to remove the name and add a variable in place of the name and for each ptient try to pss the name as input

Hope this helps


The application automatically opens citrix workspace.
I didnt understand what you mean in the second paragraph, I am quite new using this platform


  1. The application automatically open citric right…so in that environment can you try to install runtime or is it possible to install runtime? If yea then you can use normal activities

  2. In the cv activities you will have a cv descriptor. Which actually contains the name you are using as well…so fot it to work with other names it should contain a variable with the required name instead of the first name it got while spying /indicating the elements

Eg: "Target:Name:" + namevar+ " OffsetPoint: (-10,-75)" + "Anchor: Text 'Anchor1' (41,36,19,9)" + "Anchor: Text 'Anchor2' (75,36,37,9)"

Namevar is the variable inplace of actual name


I am trying ,

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