Cv computer click is not clickable when text is not visible

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I used cv computer in sap cick application
, before it working the click but now no, the element not found ,when i show the text it is clickable , how we resolve this issue
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Have you tried with normal click activity?.

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IT IS NOT working with normal click

I tired normal click i have this issue; best regards


@nora_ziani could you change input method and try?

Hi @nora_ziani. Have you tried the SAP Activities? About SAP WinGUI Automation

Also, the CV Activities may or may not work with columns that don’t show the entire name because CV it’s just a better OCR. So you need to stretch the column first in order to see the full name and then click on it. It’s tricky to click on stuff if the folder name is variable using CV.

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Is the whole element you are trying to click is hidden ?
You can use hotkey combinations to make it visible before using CV click as it needs the element to be visible on screen

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Yes it is hidden the rest of the text
can u tell me give me more details about hotkey

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Did you enable scripting on sap?

Then you can try using the click activities as well

And also did you try with sending any key combinations to select the item you need?


you can try CV get text first to see what is being visible & then check for CV element exists with Target as ‘“Target: Text ‘visible text*’ (,,,)”’

Try using ‘Send hotkey’ may be tab to highlight the text before get text. Try out manually first if you reach that particular element with any key

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Yes, you can use send hotkeys for right click & when this scroll options appear you can try using different CV scope. Just make sure you are passing only visible text in the target & anchor text of CV activities