Cv Click issue

Hi all,
i’ve an attach window and a click → Region (so with CV)
In certain case i need to trigger this click to dinamically goes down by one line, is possibile to do that, cosidering we are inside citrix?

This is tricky to do with Citrix. You can increment the click region coordinates each time, but this isn’t as stable as if you can find a solution where you send hotkeys to the Citrix window. If there is a way to go down the list using hotkeys, this is recommended for stability.

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unfortunately hotkeys doesn’t work at all, there aren’t any other possible solutions?

There aren’t many stable solutions for Citrix, but there are a few Citrix-related activities you can get from the UiPath.Citrix.Activities. There are a few image-recognition activities which may help with identifying data.

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Thanks, i didn’t find that in manage packages, all packages

Make sure all package repositories are checked in your settings; then search “citrix”. It’s in the Official repository if you need to drill down further.

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I didn’t find this.
In our case, set clipping region, i’ve never used that before, is not useful? And why?

Going back to the hotkeys issue: Are hotkeys not working in the environment at all? If so, there is a bug somewhere in the workflow relating to performing any action in the Citrix environment. It could be that you have an invalid selector for the environment, for example.

Hotkeys are not working at all inside our citrix application, we’ve installed citrix patch so, some selctor are visible to me, but not for this case (the cv click)

Try using the Open Application activity or Attach Window if the application is open before the bot starts to get the Citrix window. This will ensure that when hotkeys are pressed, they’re sent to the active window. If the hotkeys aren’t working and you’re getting no error from trying to send hotkeys, the hotkeys are being sent to another window.

I also recommend allowing errors to occur in your workflow so you can see where each step of the process fails. The reason Try Catch is used is to provide a workaround or customize the error when something goes wrong. If you allow the process to continue even if it misses a step, the rest of the process may fail at a point that is not indicative of where the process originally failed.