Cut and Paste rows to different sheet in same excel

Hi EveryOne,

Need an help!!
I have an excel with multiple sheets ,
1.I need loop through each sheet and based on some conditions (eg: date column :- if date is greater than today’s date)
2. need to cut those rows and paste it to a sheet named “Ended” in the same excel
So that expired date entire row is cut from the main sheets and pasted to the ended sheet
@Palaniyappan - sir could please help

Thanks in advance

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Hey @kavya.s16

  1. Get all the worksheets

  2. For-each sheet, Read it to the data table

  3. Filter the DT as per the condition

  4. Write for first time & Append it from second time to the Ended sheet of the Excel

Hope this helps


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but i also need to cut the filtered rows from the main sheets too

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