CustomNER - ML Package is missing or invalid

Hello, I am trying to install the CustomNamedEntityRecognition package in the AI Center, and when submiting all I get is the “ML Package is missing or invalid” popup, and

  1. respCode: 10004
  2. respMsg: “b2dc8afa-c5dd-4f76-83e4-90576014f43d PublicPackageVersion is missing or invalid”
    in the request response body.

All the fields are filled with no errors.

Previously, I was able to create the package, but the status was undeployed for a few days.

Could you help me with this issue? Thank you!


Looks like there are two issues, installing CustomNER. Could you please explain what you are doing here exactly? Is this for an airgap install?

Regarding ML Package being undeployed, this is normal state until you create a Skill on top of it. Then it becomes available. Note that for CustomNER, you first need to train the ML Package to be able to deploy it.