Customization of Orchestrator URL


A typical orchestrator URL will follow the server FQDN. For example (https://orchestrator.domain)

However I would like to customize the URL above to the following URL format (https://orchestrator.domain/rpa). The identity URL will then subsequently become (https://orchestrator.domain/rpa/identity)

I don’t see any option for me to append /rpa during installation nor IIS setting (because it only accept hostname)

Has anyone done that before? If yes, could you please advice what is the workaround?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @fred.too
have you checked the IIS Binding?

Can you try this? I was able to change the URL when our server team changed the hostname. May be the same setup can be done for customization also.

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Hi, IIS binding only limited to hostname only. It doesn’t allow me to append /rpa behind the FQDN.


Hi there,

how do you manage to find the " [RedirectUri] field" in the database table?

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hi @fred.too
Are your using Azure ?

Nope, I have not gone into the integration path yet. Anyways I manage to found the field, you just have to edit/run the SQL query on that table

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Were you able to change the URL successfully? Most of the items are in the database only. If you have SQL server hostname change, you might need to do some additional changes in Orchestrator/Identity/Webhooks config files.